Washougal Round Table Tools & Resources

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Below you'll find forms, templates, and other tools we use to execute on our tactical urbanism projects.



Many organizations struggle to balance a growing list of new and pending projects while the need for core services continues, often with less funding. Deciding how to prioritize and separate the high priority projects from lower priority projects can be daunting. Since emotions often run high when making these kinds of decisions, a structured and objective approach can be helpful in achieving consensus and balancing the needs of the committees and its stakeholders. Using a prioritization matrix is a proven technique for making tough decisions in an objective way.


Tactical urbanism project proposal

Provided in a Word document and PDF format, this project proposal outline provides our development committee with the key information to assess if a project fits the scope, finances, goals, values, and initiatives of our group. After we receive a proposal submission, development committee members run the project through the assessment criteria (above) and share their scores during a team meeting. We also discuss the project using the question prompts and cast a final vote. 



Washougal Round Table's code of ethics document outlines our mission and values of the business or organization, how professionals are supposed to approach problems, the ethical principles based on our organization's core values and the standards to which the professional is held. This includes sections on professional responsibility, development, ethical leadership, fairness & justice, conflicts of interest, and use of information.



This sign in form allows us to track the hours of our volunteers, which also helps with grant writing and fundraising. Volunteers need to also sign this form to release WRT from liability in the unfortunate case that a person is injured during a Washougal Round Table event or activity.