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Photos & Fun Stats - WRT's First Event Was a Terrific Success!

Washougal Round Table's Open House Was a Success

Thanks to You!


Check out some of these amazing statistics!


Email database growth:  34%

Number of new volunteers: 15

Projected guest count for the event: 16

Actual number of attendees:  35!


During Washougal Round Table's first open house event, the operations & logistics team shared their prototype concepts & goals for the "Washougal Conversation Board" art & interactive installation, scheduled to launch June 2017.



All attendees were served a big meal before presentations began. WRT's entire development committee participated and shared Washougal Round Table's backstory, goals, mission, and information about their current tactical urbanism project.


Watch a video of our open house in progress!


What's next?

Washougal Round Table's bi-weekly meetings are open to the public. You can join our next development committee session on Tuesday, May 2nd from 3:30 to 5 PM. RSVP here