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Fun, Sun, Picnics - Get Your First Look @ WRT's Kickoff Event!

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Meeting Date: May 16th, 2017


Rainbow over Washougal, Washington.

Rainbow over Washougal, Washington.


Productivity is at an all-time high in this group! We’re getting ever close to the launch date of the Washougal Conversation Board installation. Attentions have turned towards the big event and finalizing details so we can begin external promotions.




The construction of the board utilizes magnetic paint as a border. For this summer's installation, we can swap out the questions or prompts on the board. And for future use, any number of magnetic messages can be printed and posted utilizing this unique design feature.

The proposed prompts were collected and voted on anonymously via an online survey.

Side A = Washougal NOW Approved Prompt IS…

"I love to live/work/play in Washougal because..."


Side B = Washougal FUTURE Approved Prompt IS…

"Washougal needs..."

The team approved to withhold the remaining questions/prompts to be utilized at a later date, perhaps for future projects or as a mid-summer update to the board.


Get Your Sneak Peek Now!


We’re just tickled pink with the evolution of our kick-off event, now scheduled for July 1st from 10 AM to 5 PM. As soon as we have final confirmation from the City for our application and use of Reflection Plaza, we’ll begin external marketing and promotions for the event. Until then, take a peek at our slideshow, an insider’s look at our design concepts for the event!



  • 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status: Kathy continues to plug away at this project. She’s completed the application for EIN, sent in our articles of incorporation, and is wrapping up the by-laws.

  • Fall 2017 Agency Blitz: The team agreed that, as an extension of our communications value, that we will be presenting to local agencies in Fall 2017. Using their own existing public meeting systems, we’ll be taking a multi-agency approach to share our 2017 TU project final report, as well as our plans for 2018.

  • Volunteer Management Platform: Kathy found an incredible tool,, to help us manage all of the volunteers who will be helping throughout the summer. This tool will be a huge help in our communications and volunteer management efforts.
  • We’re on Instagram! Alex of OurBar is taking over our latest social channel with hashtags like #GoogleWashougal. So fun! Join us on Instagram at @WashougalRoundTable.


What's next?

Washougal Round Table's bi-weekly meetings are open to the public. You can join our next development committee session on Tuesday, May 30th from3:30 to 5 PM. RSVP here.