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Washougal Round Table News - 03.21.17

Meeting Date: March 21st, 2017


The focus of today's meeting was to identify key phrases or statements that will be published on our "Washougal Conversation Board". We also came up with an initial construction concept that we're all super excited about! Each team member presented their ideas and the group held a discussion around the concepts that were shared. WRT's development committee also finalized their volunteer database for the 2017 Tactical Urbanism project.



Approved! The development team approved a final version of our 2017 Tactical Urbanism project charter.

Check that out here:



  • New logo! 

    WRT's development committee is proud to announce the latest evolution of the Washougal Round Table logo.

    Our graphic designer expressed the friendly, approachable members of our group through a casual, hand-lettered font. 

    The mountains, river, and trees represent Washougal's beautiful location. And the town hall and buildings on the waterfront signify WRT's tactical urbanism efforts to build up our community, (both residents and businesses!). 

    Lastly, the sun represents our strength, vitality, and commitment to our efforts.

  • Budget: Shannon reported on funds that have been spent YTD. Wayne will have a report ready for the next meeting with estimated wall costs so we can start fundraising.

  • 27th Street Off-Ramp: Dan and Kathy are preparing a formal statement for WRT to review and approve, which will then be sent to city council. If the reaction isn't supportive, we'll pass our letter along to alternative contacts.

  • Website Update: All of the photography, stakeholders, partners, tools and resources on our site have been finalized and are ready for public use & distribution. 

  • City Council Meetings: WRT development committee members will be assigned to attend all upcoming Washougal city council meetings. Say hi to us!

  • Washougal Conversation Board design: Keep an eye out for an insider peek into the awesome design concept for our interactive TU project installation! We're buzzing with excitement over it! 

  • Volunteer HoeDown: On Tuesday, April 18th, WRT's development committee will be hosting an open house and volunteer kick-off potluck. Invitations to this event will be going out soon.



Washougal Round Table's bi-weekly meetings are open to the public. You can join our next development committee session on Tuesday, April 4th from 3:30 to 5 PM.