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For Immediate Release - Innovative Art Installation Gives Unique Voice to Local Community; Summer Project Focuses on the Future of Washougal, Wa

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Shannon Pratuch
Washougal Round Table

June 6, 2017

Innovative Art Installation Gives Unique Voice to Local Community

Summer Project Focuses on the Future of Washougal, Wa   

WASHOUGAL, Wa. --  Tactical urbanism group, Washougal Round Table, proudly announces details of their summer art installation project and kick-off event taking place at Reflection Plaza, in downtown Washougal, Washington, on July 1st, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 5 PM. The launch event will unveil the “Washougal Conversation Board,” an interactive art installation that will be available to the public every Saturday from July 1st to July 29th, 2017 from 10 AM to 5 PM.

The art installation, “Washougal Conversation Board,” is a three-paneled interactive board which allows people to share their ideas with the community as a whole. The artwork on the columns, provided by Excelsior and Washougal High School students, depicts the three core values of ‘people,' ‘innovation,' and ‘sustainability.' Featuring chalkboard paint and two distinct conversation prompts, guests are asked for two responses that reflect Washougal, Washington in its current state (“I love to live/work/play in Washougal because…”) and the future of the community (“Washougal needs…”).

Tactical urbanism is a core strategy of this July art installation project. Tactical urbanism projects are temporary changes to urban environments that improve neighborhoods and city gathering places, allowing residents, business owners, and city officials the ability to test and try new concepts. “Citizen advocates are the storytellers for past, present, and future Washougal,” explains business owner, Alex Yost, who co-founded OurBar with partner Kevin Credelle four years ago. “A highly organized and deeply focused group of citizen advocates has the ability to break down the barriers, creating more vibrant conversations between local agencies and the people they represent.”

The “Washougal Conversation Board” art project focuses on building community, creating an opportunity for interaction and information sharing between groups, developing a sense of civic pride and enthusiasm for Washougal. A final report of Washougal Round Table’s tactical urbanism project will be submitted to the City of Washougal and made available to the public online.

The “Washougal Conversation Board” launch is scheduled for Saturday, July 1st from 10 AM to 5 PM and is a free event open to the public. Located at Reflection Plaza in downtown Washougal, Washington, the event will feature a pop-up picnic park. The art installation will be the centerpiece of the layout, accessible to all. Guests will be encouraged to add their responses throughout the entire day. Live music and a public open mic jam session will set the mood. A picnic basket will be raffled off to attendees of the event featuring a Pendleton Blanket, OurBar gift certificate, and locally sourced treats, with a value of over $150.

"We are excited about the positive energy in Washougal and see this conversation board as a way to hear from the community itself about what makes our town special,” says Dan and Kathy Huntington, long time residents and Washougal Round Table development committee members. “Knowing what people see as needs and wants for the town moving forward, we can then take these ideas and find ways to make them happen."

Dates to Know:
Washougal Conversation Board Kick-Off & Unveiling Event with Pop-up Picnic Park - Saturday, July 1st, 10 AM to 5 PM

Washougal Conversation Board Interactive Art Installation - Every Saturday during July 2017, from July 8th to July 29th, 2017, 10 AM to 5 PM

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About Washougal Round Table:
Washougal Round Table is a group of local citizen advocates unified by common interests. We collaborate on short-term projects that create long-term change for the inhabitants of our community. Washougal Round Table is a group of local creatives, artisans, and business owners. We're also executives, passionate community members, and project managers. WRT members identify and complete group-based projects that bring education, sustainability, transportation, healthcare, and stability to our city. We volunteer our time for the residents and businesses of Washougal, Washington.

About Washougal, Washington:
The City of Washougal, Washington, incorporated in 1908, is bordered by the Columbia and Washougal Rivers and located at the entrance to the Columbia Gorge Scenic Area. Accessed by over 60,000 area residents, this vibrant bedroom community of Portland, Oregon is a quick 15-minute drive from Portland International Airport. Washougal, Washington was the site of some of the very earliest American settlers and pioneers in the Washington Territory, including a stopping place for Lewis and Clark during their famed journey. Awash with family-friendly parks, hiking trails, one of the last three remaining outdoor motocross parks in the nation, artisans, makers, a downtown district with an active microbrewery scene, and Steigerwald Natural Preserve, locals have dubbed Washougal a “creative haven” for all to enjoy.