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Washougal Round Table News - 03.08.17 Update

Meeting Date: March 7th, 2017


During our meeting yesterday, everyone was on deck for an incredible interactive exercise where we brainstormed an entire project charter in less than 40 minutes. This team is incredibly productive and collaborative together, and their work is nothing short of amazing. 

Over the next 12 days, we'll be transcribing all of those efforts into a collaborative document that will be formally approved at our next meeting. 



Approved! The development team adopted a final criteria methodology and tactical urbanism project submission template. These tools are used now and in the future to determine if a project is a good fit for the group.

Check out our new resources tab here:



  • We're growing! Our team approved the time to conduct outreach efforts to known individuals in the community who have created an upswell in the past and led citizen advocacy projects. Our team continues to grow!
  • 27th Street Off Ramp - We'll be on a fact-finding mission to uncover all of the bits and pieces around this proposed 27th Street Off Ramp project. There's a lot of shared concern about the timing regarding this, and our group wants to be the most educated citizens in the community. 
  • Alternative Facts PR Campaign - Alex Yost of OurBar shared a strategy concept recently with the panel, currently dubbed the "Alternative Facts PR Campaign," that voted this in as a viable tactic for an upcoming project. We'll release more info on this as it becomes available. 
  • CWEDA - Similar to the 27th Street Off Ramp, our group approved the time to spend fact-finding about this group, how the City of Washougal funds it, and what the return on investment is currently, as well as years prior. 
  • City Council Meetings - You'll get to see more of us more often! The team collectively voted and approved to have at least one member of the development committee in attendance at all upcoming city council meetings.



See attached below! Our next meeting focus will be on setting a clear theme for our tactical urbanism project, the "Before I Die Wall." We'll be sharing proposed questions or statements that will be integrated into the final design, as well as identifying the need for multiple walls.

Additionally, we'll approve volunteer expectations and set roles & responsibilities for recruitment.



Here are three ways you can get involved!

1. Sign up as a project volunteer - Would you like to help us paint a wall? Maybe volunteer to snap pictures during the project and share on social media? Or are you interested in our development committee? Come one, come all!

2. Share! Pass Washougal Round Table along. The more awareness there is about our group, the more successful our efforts will be.

3. Donate - Have a buck or two to spare for our paint or chalk? Maybe have some extra wood or paint brushes? We're gladly accepting any assistance to help off-set this low-cost, short-term project.


You made it to the bottom! Congrats! And wow, thanks for your time.