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New 2017 WRT Project Concept Approved!

Who is the project for? (Residents? Business owners? Tourists?)

  • Residents

  • Business Owners

  • Media (PR Value)


What does it do? (Does it have a function?)

  • Allows WRT to anonymously receive feedback on Washougal’s greatest wishes and needs

  • Community buy-in

  • Increased awareness around WRT’s efforts

  • Introduction to community and soft launch on future projects

  • Fun, interactive collaboration with residents & business owners

  • Local media value

  • Traffic and tourism to Downtown Corridor

  • Highlights Washougal’s downtown businesses


When would this project start? End? (How many days to execute?)

  • Initiation (March 2017) - One to two months for acquisition of wall space and approval from city for mural use.

    • Volunteers Needed - Subcommittee for project implementation.

  • Development (Late April 2017) - Two days to one week for creation of chalkboard wall.

    • Volunteers Needed - Subcommittee for project implementation + team for painting installation.

  • Launch (May 2017 through June 2017) - Kick off of wall includes PR campaign to local media and city officials present.

    • Volunteers Needed - Subcommittee for project implementation + marketing & PR volunteer. Likely Development Committee involvement.

  • Completion (July 2017) - Final project report with findings and proposed next steps.

    • Volunteers Needed - Subcommittee for project wrap-up.


Where would this be located? (Exact location example would be great!)

  • Downtown Corridor, Main Street Washougal.


Why is your project a good fit for Washougal? (What solution does it solve?)

  • Problem: No effective means of surveying the community at large regarding perceived needs and improvements on quality of life.

  • Solution:

    • Interactive

    • Anonymous

    • Open to all participants

    • Does not discriminate

    • Low-cost

    • Easy to implement

    • Short term project with long-term value

    • Accessible

    • Sustainable

    • Educational - those who participate learn the desires & needs of others

    • Innovative - This has not yet been widely implemented in the PacNW


How much does it cost? (Do you have ideas for funding?)

  • Chalkboard Paint = $9.98 / Gallon or $12.98 / Gallon for Tintable

    • Amount of paint is dependent upon size of mural or sign

  • Set of 160 Colored Chubby Chalk Sticks on Amazon = $27.99

  • GOAL : Get above resources donated!



Link to the example project online:

What I Want Wall:

Before I Die: