Founded in 2016, our group of volunteers are completely dedicated to the growth and success of Washougal.


Serving as the core team for Washougal Round Table, the development committee effectively communicates the goals and objectives of the development plan, bringing structure and balance to the team at large. We serve as active proponents of Washougal and WRT's fundraising efforts.



Development Committee Members

Contact us for current volunteer opportunities.

Alex Yost
Owner/Chef, OurBar

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Shannon Pratuch
Owner, Scene Marketing Group

Heather Jordan
Owner, D Studio 21


Wayne Pattison
Retired, Washougal Senior Center

Susan Warford
Intnl Center for Leadership in Education

Dan & Kathy Huntington
Windermere Premier Agents


Associates, Stakeholders, & Partners

Wes Hickey
Lone Wolf Development

Kim Noah
Port of Camas Washougal

Rob Charles
City of Washougal

Danielle Spaulding
The Yoga Barre

Paul Billings
Anytime Fitness

The Anderson Family
Foods in Season

Sharika Kim
Pétala Flower Farm

Bobby & David Saberi
Mary Jane's House of Glass & Glass Productions

Kenneth Cline
Riverview Bank

Open Positions

Development Committee

Our development committee members are dedicated ambassadors, creating opportunities for economic development through desirable business growth, expansion, retention and attracting in working as partners to develop a climate conducive to maintaining the quality of life. 

The development committee oversees the identification and prioritization of project opportunities that meet key criteria, executes on structured self-evaluation of the group, and supports sustainable, healthy growth of our community.



  • To work with the Development Committee members and subcommittee members to reach annual goals, create strategies, and identify tactics,

  • To review and recommend development policies for the member’s consideration,

  • Assisting in the establishment and recruiting for sub-committees,

  • Provide excellent professional development resources, research and information,

  • Increase awareness and understanding of WRT’s value among key stakeholders and the general public,

  • Creating strategic alliances or direct communications with other key organizations and professionals that support WRT’s key initiatives and strategies,

  • Serving as a conduit between the commercial economic interests in Washougal and the municipal government,

  • Encouraging the economic well-being and expansion of the existing commercial businesses located within Washougal,

  • Assist in sourcing funds for applied tactics.

Project Volunteers

We're always looking for open-minded individuals who are interested in volunteering their skills, resources, or time to one of our upcoming short-term projects. Benefits are many, including networking, providing support to our community, and knowing that your volunteering position has a clear beginning and end. Our short-term projects last about 6 months, but we have many positions that can last just a couple days!



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