We volunteer for our community.

Washougal Round Table is a group of local citizen advocates unified by our common interests. The people of Washougal are considered collectively in the context of social values and responsibilities for our work. We practice common ownership and collaborate on short-term projects that create long-term change for the inhabitants of our community.


We value people.

Actions taken by WRT have an emphasis on past, present, and future Washougal with a generational focus.

Our Motivation: Healthy, happy & purposeful people in our community.


we value sustainability.

We choose community-based projects that involve methods that do not use up or destroy natural resources. Our goal is to have a lasting positive impact with a preference to projects that can continue for a long time.


we value innovation.

Introducing new ideas and original creative thinking is important to our group. We strive to be deliberate in the application of information, imagination, and initiative. Our projects feature new methodology and an advancement of the new and the original.

Our short-term projects create long-term change.


Tactical urbanism projects vary in scope, size, budget, and support. These temporary changes to our urban environment improve neighborhoods and city gathering places, allowing residents, business owners, and city officials the ability to test and try new concepts that improve our environment.


 Photo Credit: Mike Emmons

Photo Credit: Mike Emmons

Where We Are Is Who We Are.


Washougal Round Table are a group of local intellectuals, creatives, artisans, and business owners. We're also executives, passionate community members, and project managers. WRT members identify and complete group-based projects that bring education, sustainability, transportation, healthcare, and stability to our city. 

We volunteer our time for the residents and businesses of Washougal, Washington.


 PHOTO CREDIT: Francois de Melogue

PHOTO CREDIT: Francois de Melogue

We Are Citizen Advocates.


No person shall on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age, or disability, be subjected to discrimination. 


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WRT's Key Strategies & Focus


Tactical Urbanism


Urban Amenities